Ready to shuff?

  • Real time

    See what your friend is writing in real time, letter after letter, as it is typed

  • Discretion

    There is no history! Plus, you can “shuff” the letters to avoid prying eyes

  • Interactivity

    Draw together on one common board, share your location and local time, and more!

And more


Choose the color of your theme, update your profile pic and set (or not) the touch ID!

Share pictures, draw together, use the anonymous mode to make jokes, pulse your friend!

Use a fully secured app, which does not keep any record of the conversation!

Our Family

We're just a bunch of shuffers

Cyril Trosset

Cyril Trosset Founder & CEO

Mathieu Welsch

Mathieu Welsch Founder & Business Developer

Benjamin Garnier

Benjamin Garnier Founder & Art Director

Thibault Forest

Thibault Forest Mobile Developer

Maïa Brothier

Maïa Brothier Public Relations

Julie Barthoulat

Julie Barthoulat Communication Manager

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    [email protected]

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    +33 6 61 77 67 78

cyrilShuff – interactive messenger in real time